Driver Shortage: From Amazon to MTT

Driver Shortage: From Amazon to MTT


According to CNBC, eCommerce has made an already tight driver market even worse.  Overall, eCommerce has had a “huge effect,” Steve Viscelli, a sociology professor at the University of Pennsylvania who studies labor markets and automation, told CNBC. In 2012, trucks moved a total of 10.2 billion tons, a level that’s projected to rise to 14.9 billion in 2045, according to Bureau of Transportation Statistics data. Including all sales from eCommerce and brick-and-mortar stores, Amazon sold 4 percent of all retail goods in the U.S. last year, according to an earlier CNBC report.

Some reports hold that the US is short some 280,000 drivers, so where does this leave shippers?  Many reports including this one from says that shippers are looking to send more freight to the rails.  That is a fine strategy for those that are shipping consumer goods, but what about steel shippers and other awkward, heavy freight.  

Introducing the Mobile Transport Tray (MTT)

Innovative Transport Solutions developed the MTT as a solution to one of shippings biggest challenges, a more efficient solution to shipping steel on flatbed trucks.  Once loaded onto the MTT, your freight can be loaded into a standard container in under a minute.  The MTT makes moving steel freight easy.  In fact, many people suggest that the reason for consumers buying so much online is because of how easy it is.  Perhaps that is why the MTT is so popular.  The MTT is to shipping steel, what Amazon is to eCommerce.  Check out the video below and then give us a call.



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