Easi-Shipper Benefits

The Easi-shipper system from Innovative Transport Solutions offers a number of key benefits over alternative shipping solutions.

Logistical Advantages:

  • Full door-to-door service, i.e:

    • No more open car transporters.

    • No more loading / unloading at quayside.

    • No broken container seal from point of load to point of delivery.

  • Commoditizes cars such that they can be shipped door-to-door like other commodities.

  • Provides an inland option to steamship lines and intermodal carriers to fill otherwise non-productive containers. This leads to reduction in empty miles.

  • Viable option for less dense lanes of automotive shipping.

  • Security - as hoist system does not have to travel with the container, this provides extra security in the fact that the cars cannot be removed from the system until the hoists are re-attached.

  • Easi-shipper units are adaptable to be utilised in a any standard or High cube container.


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