The Genius of Being Stackable

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The Genius of Being Stackable


A Great Idea Doesn't Have to Be Big

  The word "Lego" loosely interpreted in Latin means "I assemble" or "I put together".  Going back as far as the 1920's, Lego's have been a popular toy due in part to the fact that they connect or stack so easily.  While today they are made out of plastic, originally they were made from wood.  In the 1950's the ability to interlock the "bricks" opened up lot's of uses including using the blocks to make things like trucks.

Today this simple invention is known all over the world.  There are an estimated 20 billion bricks made each year and laid out end to end, these bricks would go around the earth as many as 5 times.  Of course if you have had the misfortune of stepping on one of these in the middle of the night you know how big of an impact this small idea can have.

What really makes the Lego brick so useful, is how easily it can snap together to create stackable creations.  What if you brought the small idea of stackability to a tool to help move fragile freight- we are glad you asked.


The Portable Rollerbed System- It is Stackable

While we have not shipped enough Portable Rollerbed Systems to wrap around the world 5 times, we do believe that it is making a big impact in the world of shipping fragile freight.  The PBS turns any standard trailer into a Portable Rollerbed.  This gives the typical shipper great versatility to ship fragile freight when desired but what if you don't need the PBS system- well like the Lego, it is stackable.  In fact, while stacked up, the PBS system can stack in lengths of just 14 feet.  Standing ready to be moved into your trailer in sections using a standard forklift truck.  Rather than trying to describe it, how about we just let you take a look at how easy it is to stack the PBS in this short video.




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