Get Smart: The Smart Dock Fights Chaos

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Get Smart: Innovation Protects Against Kaos

Fans of the 1960's era television series "Get Smart", will recognize the above shoe phone.  Long before the invention of smart phones, Agent Maxwell Smart and his attractive partner Agent 99 were helping "Control" fight off the agents from their arch rival "Kaos".  Each week "Get Smart" and Max Smart introduced new gagdets and phones hidden in all kinds of places:

  • Shoe Phone
  • Necktie Phone
  • Comb Phone
  • Watch Phone
  • Clock Phone

Let's face it, if you find yourself up against a conniving Kaos agent it would be helpful to be able to phone a friend.  The comedy of the series was based around how a clueless and yet confident guy like Max could get himself out of a jam and often the solution was the innovative team at "Control".


Smart Dock: Innovation Protects Against Chaos

Like the geniuses at "Control", Innovative Transport Solutions has been developing technology and solutions to help fight the chaos faced every day by those involved in logistics.  Among our many innovations, is The Smart Dock System.  The Smart Dock was designed to provide a portable dock for remote sites that do not have one.  

The Smart Dock is the perfect solution to this problem and offers the following features:
  • Easy to Assemble and Dissassemble
  • Durable Steel Construction Capable of Withstanding the Toughest Loads
  • Adjustable Height: 48"-63"
  • Runs on Electric Power
  • Operational Indoors or Outdoors
Check out the Smart Dock in action in this video clip and then give our Innovative Team at Innovative Solutions a call and let them help you fight off the shipping chaos you are facing.
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