Getting Crushed By the Spot Market? The MTT Can Help


Getting Crushed By the Flatbed Spot Rate Market? 

The MTT Will Help Load Dry Van Trailers & Containers in LESS-THAN-1-MINUTE!


Reports are that the average flatbed rate for June will finish higher than the previous record set in January.  Experts point to the following to explain the surge in the Flatbed Spot Rate Market including driver shortages combined with economic growth.   For shippers, the importance of increasing the speed of turn-around times reducing drivers wait time is critical.  But how do you do this if you are trying to move heavy or awkward freight?  The answer to this challenge that many shippers are turning to is the Mobile Transport Tray.

The Mobile Transport Tray Helps You Avoid Getting Crushed

Introduced by Innovative Transport Solutions, the Mobile Transport Tray or MTT is a great answer to some of the toughest challenges facing shippers today.  The durable steel platform or tray holds up to 25 tons of freight.  Once loaded, your freight can be pushed into a 53’ dry van trailer or container in LESS-THAN-1-MINUTE and unloading is just as easy!  Thanks to the MTT, shippers can fight back against the market pressures and keep their freight moving without disruption.  If you want to avoid getting crushed by the Flatbed Spot Rate Market, the Mobile Transport Tray will drastically improve your loading times and keep your freight moving to help you avoid getting crushed!

Check Out the MTT in Action

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