Got A Heavy Load? Bring It On!

Got A Heavy Load?  Bring It On!


Whether you move drywall or steel, moving heavy awkward freight can be a challenge.  For those that are serious about moving heavy freight, Innovative Transport Solutions says "Bring It On".  Thanks to our Mobile Transport Tray (MTT) we have been solving some of shipping's most challenging problems.  If you are tired of excess man-hours, renting booms, trying to secure a flatbed trailer and on and on, the MTT is the answer.

Built out of steel, the MTT is designed to handle heavy loads up to 26 tons.  Once your freight is loaded on to the tray, the MTT can be easily moved into a container for intermodal travel using a standard forklift truck.  In fact, loading and unloading can be done in under a minute.  If you have a serious load to move- we say "Bring it On"!  Click on the image below to see the MTT in action.


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