Have Container Freight? This Station Open For Business

Have Container Freight? This Station Open For Business


If You Build It, They Will Come- Maybe

In the Kevin Costner movie "Field of Dreams", through an unexplainable miracle, an Iowa farmer builds a baseball field and people from around the country are just drawn to it.  The key line in the movie explaining this was "if you build it, they will come".

While that concept may work in movies, in the "real" world, you can't just rely on people stumbling across your business.  You have to let them know that you offer a product or service and that you are open for business.

We Are Open For Business

Located in Elmhurst, Illinois, our 50,000 square foot Container Freight Station (CFS) is open for business.  One of our best-kept secrets is a secret no longer.  In fact, we are buzzing with activity.  We are providing cross-docking, storage and loading services for an amazing assortment of projects including steel windmill frames, skyscraper windows, hydraulic pumps and even 60-foot steel train roofs.

While we have a unique ability to handle some of the most awkward freight, we can help you, even if your freight is only mildly awkward.  An emotional connection like "The Field of Dreams", can be awkward in real life- however, our CFS facility can handle all kinds of awkward connections.  Contact your Innovative Transport Solutions team and let us help you fulfill your dream to find a partner to cross-dock your awkward freight.




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