How To Properly Load Steel? Follow These Easy Steps

How To Properly Load Steel? Follow These Easy Steps


Steel Shippers no that shipping steel and other awkward freight can be... awkward.  If fact it can be both time consuming and expensive.  Those that have been introduced to the Mobil Transport Tray or MTT have a completely different experience.  The MTT has been making life a whole lot easier for those that have adopted it.  Introduced by Innovative Transport Solutions (ITS) the Mobile Transport Tray is one of several innovative solutions designed to solve some of the toughest challenges in shipping.  For those that are good at following instructions get yourself a MTT and make your life a whole lot easier.

STEP #1  Load up to 26 Tons of freight on the steel platform of the MTT

STEP #2  Once loaded- Use a Standard Forklift Truck to push the MTT into place in your container.  It only takes about a minute.

STEP #3 That's it- that is how easy it is.

The MTT has transformed the way shippers move steel.  If you would like to change the way you move steel, check out our video of the MTT in action and then take the next step and contact our team of professionals to help you get started with the MTT.








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