Lets Be Frank, You Need the Portable Rollerbed System

Portable Rollerbed System:  Frankly It Is Your Best Option


Can we be frank for just a moment?  Rising costs and the lack of availability of capital have been putting more and more pressure on shippers to manage the needs of their existing trailer fleet.  The reality is that for most shippers there will always be a need for rollerbeds, whether you are shipping high value or fragile freight, rollerbeds are essential to insure that your freight arrives damage free.  

The problem is does it really make sense to tie up all that capital into a limited use product like a rollerbed trailer?  If this question rings true for you, you are not alone.  A lot of shipper's like our friend Frank in the video are frustrated because sacrificing capital to purchase a rollerbed trailer means their will be less dollars available for other freight needs like a dry van or reefer trailer.

Let's be Frank- You need the Portable Rollerbed System


Innovative Transport Solutions has been solving challenging shipping problems for a lot of shippers like you and like Frank.  By using our innovative Portable Rollerbed System, you can turn any dry van or reefer trailer into a rollerbed.  The PBS system, installs easily and quickly without damaging your trailer.  It's durable steel construction more than holds its own as you drive your forklift truck on the built in path and when you are done using the PBS system, it is easily unassembled freeing up your dry van or reefer trailer for other uses, instead of just sitting there costing you money like that limited use rollerbed trailer.

So if your tired of being frustrated, contact our team at Innovative Transport Solutions and find out how you can be happy like Frank- with the Portable Rollerbed System.

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