A Master Knows The Importance of Having the Right Club

A Master Knows The Importance of Having the Right Club


"A Tradition Unlike Any Other"

This is a great time of year for those that love seeing well-manicured golf courses and professionals making unbelievable shots.  Not to take anything away from their God-given talent, but the very best at the game of golf know the importance of having just the right club in their bag.  As the professional approaches each shot, standing next to them is a trusted advisor giving advice about which club would be best suited for that particular situation.

Innovative Transport Solutions Is Like Your Caddy

For those that ship time-sensitive or fragile freight often times a roller-bed trailer is the right choice to get your freight safely to its destination.  Before you take that all important shot, consider our advice.  The Portable Roller Bed can turn any standard wood floor trailer or reefer into a roller bed in no time flat.  With that kind of flexibility, you don't have to have trailers that are only of use as a roller bed.  the PRB System can allow you to quickly turn your trailer into a roller bed and then when you are done, it is quickly unassembled allowing you greater versatility with your trailer fleet.

If you want to be at the top of your game, then you need every tool available to you and listen to the voice of the expert whispering in your ear- "this would be a good situation for the portable roller bed".  Check out our video below and then make your next move with confidence that you will be putting on the green jacket reserved for a Master.


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