Meeting The Demand: The MTT Is Shipping's Secret Weapon

Meeting The Demand: The MTT Is Shipping's Secret Weapon


The Headlines Scream That There Is A Battle For Resources in the Logistics World

You have read the news and it is no secret that in the world of trucking and logistics there is a battle for resources- mostly labor.  A recent national article shows that Semi Truck sales are surging, but even as more drivers are attracted to the industry this will barely provide relief within the logistics world.  Shippers are not just struggling to have drivers to move their freight, they are hurting on labor to load the freight.  In the world of steel shipping, this pressure is magnified as decision-makers are faced with the rising cost of flatbeds and associated labor and expenses that surround moving their steel.  Smart shippers realize that if they are going to win the battle for resources they need a new weapon- a game-changing weapon.

The Mobile Transport Tray- Steel Shipper's Secret Weapon

Innovative Transport Solutions has been solving some of shipping's toughest challenges, delivering bottom-line results.  Many shippers have discovered the Mobile Transport Tray (MTT) and have adopted it as a secret weapon to move their steel- faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.  After loading up to 26 tons of freight on the MTT, a standard forklift truck can easily move your freight onto any standard container in under a minute.  Shipper's that understand the power of the MTT, realize that not only does the MTT delivery cost savings and time savings, but they now have the option of avoiding flatbed costs and move their freight easily over the rails.  There is an arms race in shipping, those that want to gain a tactical advantage will jump at the chance to bring in the MTT- Steel Shipping's Secret Weapon.  Check out the MTT in action below, then give our team a call to help you gain an advantage.




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