Mobile Transport Tray (MTT)

Our Mobile Transport Tray (MTT) is the latest innovation in the freight industry.  Difficult freight handling has never been easier.   Manufactured using solid steel and heavy duty industrial rollers our MTT systems are capable of handling up to 27 tons.  Once loaded on our tray, your freight can be rolled into and out of your container using a regular fork-lift truck.  While the MTT system makes it easy to move freight into and out of your container, the fixed mechanism locks the cargo in place preventing shifting during transit.


Here are some of the key benefits of our MTT system:
  • Eliminate the need for special containers and special handling equipment.  The MTT system eliminates the need to use open-top containers, flat-racks, flatbeds, and cranes hired for (un)loading.
  • Reduced risk of damaged freight.  The MTT system helps to secure your cargo, thanks to its fixing mechanism and additional straps and supports.  Now your cargo can ship secure, without the added cost of shrink wrapping and expensive airbags.
  • Solid Steel construction provides both durability and the ability to handle up to 27 tons of freight
  • Increased turnaround times.  You will enjoy the benefits of reducing your dock and truck turnaround times thanks to simply roll-in and roll out loading and unloading.
  • Reduce or eliminate per-diem and cargo demurrage changes by avoiding waiting for special unloading equipment.
In addition to these benefits, our MTT systems can be multi stacked up to 15 units saving on storage and transportation cost.  Our MTT systems are available in both standard and custom sizes.  We know each situation is unique, we would love to talk about how Innovative Transport Solutions can bring the benefits of the MTT system to your operation.