Moving Steel In An Increasingly Shrinking World

Moving Steel In An Increasingly Shrinking World


The Man Who Brought the World Down To Size

  How big is the world?  That is the question that Eratosthenes of Cyrene sought to find out around 250 BC.  By calculating the length of a shadow cast by the sun some 500 miles apart, Eratosthenes was able to calculate that the earth was approximately 25,000 miles in circumference and 8,000 miles in diameter.  To illustrate how amazingly accurate he was using the limited tools he had, the actual circumference of the earth is 24,901 miles and the average diameter is 7,918 miles.  

In addition to his innovative thinking in terms of how big the earth is, Eratosthenes was also able to calculate the number of days in a calendar year as being 365 days.  In a great sense, Eratosthenes was able through innovative thinking to measure both the size of the opportunity and the limitation placed on each of us.  In a sense, he helped us to understand that it is a big world and every 24 hours we have an opportunity to make the most of it.


Innovative Transport Solutions Helps Steel Shippers Bring the World Down to Size

Innovative Transport Solutions (ITS) helps to make the world of steel shippers a little smaller thanks to our Mobile Transport Tray or MTT allows steel shippers to load up to 25 tons of steel or other awkward freight onto its platform.  Once loaded, the MTT can be pushed into a container for shipping in under a minute.  This innovative solution means that you can move your steel easier and faster than ever before.

We know the importance of getting more out of each day, and the MTT can help each shipper achieve the most out of the day and bring their world to a manageable size.  Check out the MTT in action and then give our team a call to discuss how we can help you.



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