Moving Steel? It is Time For Plan B

Moving Steel? It is Time For Plan B


Plan A has Failed

Traditional options for moving steel typically, involve lots of manual labor, flatbed trucks going over the road, renting booms on the backend of things.  In a time where steel shippers are under more pressure than ever before and bandwidth is increasingly shrinking, it is time to face it- Plan A has failed.

The Mobile Transport Tray is Plan B

Innovative Transport Solutions has been solving some of the toughest shipping challenges, particularly those related to moving steel and heavy freight.  For shippers that realize that Plan A has failed them- consider the Mobile Transport Tray (MTT).  The MTT serves as a mobile platform that can hold up to 26 tons of freight.  Once loaded on the MTT, a standard forklift truck can push the MTT into a trailer or container.  Speaking of containers, this opens the whole option of intermodal shipping.  Now that sounds like a plan.  Take a look at our video of the MTT below and then contact the team at Innovative Transport Solutions on how we can help make the MTT your new Plan A.

Check out the MTT in action below and then contact our team of experts to find out how we can put the MTT into action for you- hurry before you lose more time with your current Plan A.




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