MTT: A Common Sense Approach To Handling Heavy Loads

MTT: A Common Sense Approach To Handling Heavy Loads


"We simply applied common sense to a few particularly inefficient loading and unloading situations, and then made the investment to engineer solutions.  Because they address and solve so many domestic and international loading problems, they can bring a shipper and receiver instant savings through more efficient freight loading and unloading, and enable shipping through a conventional manner without the need for special equipment."  Paul Gibbs, President

The old saying is "work smarter, not harder".  At Innovative Transport Solutions, we have been doing a lot of thinking to make working smarter a whole lot easier.  One great example of our innovative thinking is the Mobile Transport Tray or MTT.  We approached the problem of handling heavy freight in a more efficient way that would drive savings and eliminate the need for special equipment.

The result of our thinking is the MTT.  Thanks to the Mobile Transport Tray, shippers of anything from drywall to steel, can load up to 26 tons of freight onto the MTT platform.  Once stacked on the MTT the Tray can be pushed into a standard shipping container using a standard forklift truck.  In fact, loading and unloading of up to 26 tons of freight can be done in under a minute.  When you see the MTT in action, you will be thinking to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that".  There is no need to beat yourself up, we just did the thinking for you.  Contact our team of professionals to see what the MTT can do for you.

Check out the short video that gives an overview of the MTT


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