The MTT: A Flatbed For Your Dock

The MTT: A Flatbed For Your Dock


A Flatbed is a viable option when you are trying to ship heavy steel freight over the road.  The downside, of course, is the limitation brought on by bandwidth problems like driver shortages.  So what is a shipper of steel products to do?

The Mobile Transport Tray-A Flatbed For Your Dock

Innovative Transport Solutions has been solving some of the biggest shipping challenges that there are.  One of our most well-received solutions is the Mobile Transport Tray or MTT.  The MTT serves as a mobile flatbed on your dock.  Once loaded with up to 26 tons of freight, a standard forklift truck can push the loaded MTT into a standard container using a standard forklift truck.  On the front end and back end moving the MTT in and out of a container can take less than a minute.  The benefits don't stop there, once you have the option of loading steel freight like this into a container you now have the option to move your steel on the rails.

If you are looking for an innovative solution to move your steel freight, you need to check out the MTT in action- see our video below and then contact our team at Innovative Transport Solutions to see the MTT in person.

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