The MTT Gives You Confidence To Move Steel

The MTT Gives You Confidence To Move Steel


Confidence or Trust Begins When You Set Down Your Load

If you are in the business of moving heavy, awkward freight, like steel you know all the headaches associated with including manhours and potential workman compensation issues, not to mention access to flatbeds and boom rental etc.  These problems can leave you not only with a load of freight but a load of problems on your mind.  To this, we say- "Take a Load off". 

Innovative Transport Solutions has been solving some of shippings toughest challenges including shipping steel and the good news is we have a solution to address all of those shipping headaches- The Mobile Transport Tray.  Operating like a moving floor, the Mobile Transport Tray or MTT serves as a platform for you to stack your steel freight and then easily load it into a standard container or trailer in under a minute.  

The durability of the MTT gives steel shippers the confidence that they can set their heaviest load down confident that the MTT can handle it.

Check out the MTT in action:



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