The MTT Lets You Move Your Steel on Rails

The MTT Lets You Move Your Steel on Rails


Everyone IS Talking About A Driver Shortage

Everyone is talking about a driver shortage and this is not the only challenge that shippers of steel and other heavy awkward freight have to deal with.  As the pressure increases, many shippers are turning to an innovative solution by Innovative Transport Solutions- the Mobile Transport Tray or MTT.  

The MTT IS The Answer 

From top to bottom the Mobile Transport Tray is a powerful, durable solution to moving your steel more efficiently.  The MTT platform allows steel shippers to stack up to 25 tons of steel freight, once loaded on the MTT, thanks to its mobility, the tray is easily slid into a standard container using a single standard forklift truck.  In fact, loading and unloading the MTT can happen under a minute.  This option makes available the choice of avoiding a flatbed and taking advantage of the savings available by putting the freight on the rails.  Thanks to the MTT, shippers can fight back against the market pressures and keep their freight moving without disruption.  If you want to avoid getting crushed by the Flatbed Spot Rate Market, the Mobile Transport Tray will drastically improve your loading times and keep your freight moving to help you avoid getting crushed!

Check Out The MTT In Action

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