The MTT: The Mousetrap of Shipping Steel

The MTT: The Mousetrap of Shipping Steel


"Building A Better Mousetrap"

When it comes to innovation and invention, the mousetrap has attracted the attention of innovators for years.  Here are some of the pictures of the changes and innovations that have taken place with the mousetrap going back to 1870.  

There have been more than 4,000 patents on the mousetrap, that is a lot of brainpower working on trying to solve the problem of unwanted rodents.  While we are not denying the importance of catching unwanted mice, at Innovative Transport Solutions, we have turned our brain power to solve some of the most challenging in the area of shipping heavy steel.

Below is a video of the Mobile Transport Tray or MTT in action.  What you will notice is that this mobile steel tray is perfectly designed to quickly and efficiently load up to 25 tons of steel into a container in under a minute using a standard forklift truck.  Once you see the MTT in action, you will agree that in terms of ingenuity and innovation, the MTT is the mousetrap of shipping steel.

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