The MTT: A Moving Sidewalk For Your Steel

The MTT: A Moving Sidewalk For Your Steel


Moving People and Moving Steel

Traveling through most any major airport and you will come across what is known as moving sidewalks.  In order to move a large number of people quickly across significant distances, these "people movers" allow people to stand on a steel sidewalk or path and rather than them doing the work, the sidewalk quickly is able to whisk them along getting them to their desired destination with the maximum amount of efficiency.  Wouldn't it be great if someone came up with this type of idea for moving steel?  Like instead of a "people mover" a "steel mover".

Introducing the Mobile Transport Tray 

The creative minds of Innovative Transport Solutions looked at how steel shippers struggled to move steel efficiently and came up with a better way.  The Mobile Transport Tray or MTT works like a moving sidewalk.  Once your steel is placed on the tray, the MTT does the work, in conjunction with a standard forklift truck.  The MTT can be pushed into any standard container or trailer without any further handling.  On the backend of things, the MTT can be easily pulled from the container using a forklift truck in under a minute.  The MTT helps whisk your steel off your dock or warehouse and on its way.

Check Out the MTT in Action



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