The MTT: What Follows The Container


The MTT: What Follows The Container


The photo above was taken of one of the first containers.  In 1917 Benjamin Franklin Fitch following in the path of his genius namesake and one of our nation's founders came up with the idea of removable cargo containers.  The demountable containers were used both on trains as wells as long haul trucks.  Within two years, his containers were being used at 21 railroad stations and on 14 freight trucks.  It would be about 45 years later, that the need to ship containers expanded to shipping.  In 1956, the SS Ideal X shipped 58 containers to Houston Texas where 58 trucks waited to load up those containers.

Almost 50 years later, Innovative Transport Solutions (ITS) was started with the idea that we could have solve some of the most challenging shipping problems in the intermodal shipping industry.  One of our key innovations has been the Mobile Transport Tray (MTT).  The MTT allows shippers to stack their heavy and/or awkward freight onto the tray and using a forklift truck easily slide the MTT into a standard container in under a minute.  Unloading is just as easy.  With technology seeming to jump every 40-50 years you don't want to miss the MTT it is what comes after the container.

Check out our video below and then contact our team at Innovative Transport Solutions and find out how you can add the MTT to your containerized shipping strategy.


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