Order Fulfillment

The right order, on time, real time, every time. That is our goal with every delivery, every customer.

Order Fulfillment

Innovative understands that Order Accuracy is a given requirement of Order Fulfillment. Customers expect, at a bare minimum, to receive the product they ordered. Innovative helps Clients gain marketplace differentiation in the area of Order Fulfillment by employing a keen focus on Customers’ packaging, labeling and delivery requirements. This allows Clients to focus on sales and the generation of new orders while Nexus meets the needs of the Customer.

On-time delivery is a key component of order fulfillment; not only must the order be accurate, shipped with proper packaging and labeling, and arrive undamaged, it must meet the Customer’s delivery requirements.

The Innovative Order Fulfillment process involves Systemic communication between teams to ensure that the Innovative Transport Solutions System accurately reflects the Customer’s delivery requirements. Order Fulfillment activities are strategically planned each day with respect to the Customer’s requested delivery date and time.

Customer requirements are gathered in a several different ways. They may be translated via order notes transmitted from the Client, or relayed to an Innovative Account Representative by the Client or Customer. All information received and acquired to ensure Customer Satisfaction is recorded in the Innovative Transport Solutions System as the Innovative Operations and Customer Service Teams learn about the Customer’s preferences.

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