Our Ideas Can Go Places

Our Ideas Can Go Places


Innovative Transport Solutions is headquartered in Chicago, but our ideas have gone all over the world.  When we looked at shipping and logistics we felt that there was a tremendous amount of inefficiences that by applying enough brain power could make a real difference.

For instance, our Portable Rollerbed System (PBS) enables shippers to expand their ability to handle air cargo and fragile cargo by converting their trailers into rollerbeds.  The PRS installs quickly and is able to be disassembled quickly without damaging your trailer.

Also consider our Mobile Transport Tray (MTT).  The MTT creates a powerful moving floor, that allows shippers to load up to 26 tons of heavy and/or awkward freight onto the tray and then easily be pushed into a standard container in under a minute.  On the backend, unloading is just as easy significantly reducing the amount of handling and the MTT's are stackable so shipping the MTT's back is really easy.

These are just a couple of our most popular ideas, the fact is we have lot's of ideas- as we like to say we offer "Innovative Thinking and Bottomline Results".  If you are tired of the same old, same old, and want ideas that can help you get to where you want to go, our ideas can go places.  Check out our MTT in action and then give our team a call and let us put our ideas to work for you.


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