Our Warehouse is Your Warehouse

Our Warehouse is Your Warehouse


Mi Casa Es Su Casa

In Spanish, the way to convey your desire to make someone feel welcome and at home is the phrase "mi casa es su casa" which means, "My house is your house".  Another way of saying this in English would be, "make yourself at home".  No matter how you say it, the message is the same, you are not just a guest, you are part of the family.  

Our Warehouse is Your Warehouse

Innovative Transport Solutions (ITS) has been solving some of our customers' toughest shipping challenges,  many have been positively impacted by our Mobile Transport Tray and our Portable Roller Beds, but what some may be unaware is that we also offer significant warehousing space.

From our headquarters and our 75k square ft of warehousing space located just outside of Chicago, Innovative Transport Solutions is delivering innovative results.  We partner with our warehouse clients to provide greater efficiencies allowing you to have quicker inventory turns and less headaches.  We also help free up cash flow and capital, by turning inventory into receivables quicker and reducing your own need for a large warehouse footprint so you can invest that capital into other more pressing areas of your business.

Innovative Transport Solutions offers the following warehouse and fulfillment options:

  • Storage 
  • Overflow Warehousing 
  • Pallet Transfer 
  • Trans-loading Operations 
  • Cross Dock 
  • Container Unloading & Reloading 
  • Packaging and Inspection 
  • Pick N Pack 

No matter what your warehousing or fulfillment needs you will find that ITS offers a spirit of hospitality- "Nuestro almacén es su almacén" or "Our warehouse is your warehouse".  Contact the ITS team to find out how we can help you find a new warehouse home.


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