An Outside The Box Solution To Your Driver Shortage Problem

An Outside The Box Solution To Your Driver Shortage Problem


There Is a Huge Driver Shortage Problem

You have seen the reports all over the place, there is an estimated 280,000 shortfall in truck drivers in the United States.  This shortage has several contributing factors, including the economic expansion.  For shippers, this has created pressure to attract drivers by multiple different means including shorter turn-around times.  For those that ship steel and other heavy, awkward freight this has been a nearly impossible task.  

Introducing the Answer to Fast Loading Steel

Innovative Transport Solutions has been solving some of the most difficult challenges including it seems the need to expedite the loading process for steel and other awkward and heavy freight.  The Mobile Transport Tray or MTT offers shippers the ability to stack their steel freight (up to 25 tons) on the mobile platform or tray.  Once you have it on there, using a standard forklift truck, you can load your freight in under a minute- and unloading is just as quick.

Check Out the MTT in Action

If you are looking for an outside the box solution to the driver shortage, the MTT is your answer.  There are no quicker turnarounds in shipping steel than with the MTT.  Check out the MTT in action and then give our team a call to get yours.


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