Portable Means You Have Options When You Need Them

Portable Means, You Have Options When You Need Them


Portable Really Matters When You Have Got To Go

Since man first left the Garden of Eden, he has understood the value of finding a place to go when he really needed to go.  The Portable John as we know it has been around since at least World War II.  The reality is that making a bathroom portable has been a critical solution when you have to go for some time.  

The Portable Roller-Bed Can Help Keep You Going

Hopefully, this is not too much of a stretch, but if you are in the shipping business and use roller bed trailers having enough trailer capacity can be a significant issue and your freight can start to back up.  Innovative Transport Solutions can provide the kind of relief you are looking for.  Thanks to our Portable Rollerbed System, you can turn your regular wooden floor or reefer trailer into a roller-bed.

The Portable Roller-Bed System is the most economical, flexible and reliable alternative to costly Roller-Bed Trailers:

  • Custom Lengths Available
  • Cargo Securing Points Every 10 inches
  • Easily Maneuver With Fork-Lift Truck
  • Stackable
  • Minimal Maintenance Required

Check out the Portable Roller-Bed Video here...


The Portable Roller-Bed System from Innovative Transport Solutions can help relieve the pressure you are feeling and can help you keep that freight moving.  Contact our team today.

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