Portable Roller Bed System

Currently Being Used in All Major Air Freight Markets 

Our Portable Roller Bed Sytem (PBS) can save you thousands by providing a cost effective alternative to roller-bed trailers, reefers, and vans.  

The PBS can convert your regular wooden floor trailer into a partial or full roller bed.  The PBS can be adjusted to fit a standard trailer or if need be custom lengths are available.  In addition to easy handling with a regular fork-lift truck, your freight will be secure in transit thanks to cargo braces every ten inches.   Here are some key benefts of the PBS system:

  • Economical, Flexible & Reliable Alternative To Costly Roller-Bed Trailers
  • Easily Roll Any Air Freight Pallet by Hand 
  • Easy Removal and Reuse in Other Trailers or Trucks
  • Low Maintenance Costs Compare to Roller-Bed Trailers 
  • Easily Stacked and Stored When Not in Use 


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