The Portable Roller Bed System: The Power of Choice

The Portable Roller Bed System: The Power of Choice


Spaghetti Sauce and Happiness:

Malcolm Gladwell author of the best selling book "Tipping Point", gave a TED Talk that is available on YouTube under the Title "Choice, happiness and spaghetti sauce".  In this presentation, Malcolm relays how a friend of his was tasked with the responsibility of helping a well-known spaghetti sauce maker to find out what was the ideal tasting spaghetti sauce.  What his friend discovered was that there was no single flavor that made the majority of people happy instead people prefer choices and options.

When it comes to shipping, Innovative Transport Solutions (ITS) has been solving some of the most difficult shipping challenges.  For many years shippers that had a need for Roller-Bed trailers did not have a choice, they had to dedicate a certain number of their trailer fleet to roller beds tying up capital and limiting their options to use these trailers for other uses.  Now thanks to ITS and our Portable Roller-Bed System you can convert your regular wooden floor or Reefer trailer into a partial or full Roller-Bed.

The Portable Roller-Bed System is simply the most economical, flexible and reliable alternative to costly Roller-Bed Trailers.


Here Are Some Key Features and Benefits:

  • Custom lengths available
  • Cargo securing points every 10 inches
  • Easily maneuver with Regular fork-lift truck
  • Drive on System- bearers available to accomodate loose freight
  • Safe and secure
  • Minimal Maintenance Required
  • Slave dolly capability available 
  • Light and low profile.

We may not be experts on things like the best spaghetti sauce, but we do agree that people prefer choice.  The Portable Roller-Bed System gives shippers choice and that makes both of us happy.


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