Portable Rollerbed System: No Matter What You Are Prepared

Portable Rollerbed System: No Matter What You Are Prepared

The news has been dominated by reports about storm systems with some networks providing wall to wall coverage with hours of talk before the storm about possible directions the storm may take and reports of devastation during and afterwards.  To lay people it is fascinating, but behind the scenes logistical decisions are being made, retailers like Home Depot and Walmart adjust shipments to make sure that inventory arrives at the right location at the right time.  Organizations like FEMA move quickly to insure that relief goods are prestaged to arrive when needed.

For those that ship air cargo, safely and efficiently getting your cargo to and from the air port, Innovative Transport Solutions Portable Rollerbed System (PRS) maybe just the ticket.  Our Portable Rollerbed System transforms any standard trailer into a Rollerbed.  The flexibility of the Portable Rollerbed System gives shipper the flexibility of expanding your fleet availability allowing you to respond quickly to whatever freight chllenges you are facing.  

Whether you are facing a Category 5 storm or just month end, the Portable Rollerbed System will keep you on top of the logistical challenges that go with that. 

The Portable Roller-Bed System is the most economical, flexible and reliable alternative to costly Roller-Bed Trailers:

  • Custom Lengths Available
  • Cargo Securing Points Every 10 inches
  • Easily Maneuver With Fork-Lift Truck
  • Stackable
  • Minimal Maintenance Required

Check out the Portable Roller-Bed Video here...



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