Put Your Steel On A Rocket With the MTT

Put Your Steel On A Rocket With the MTT


Moving steel is not easy that is why people turn to Innovative Transport Solutions (ITS).  We looked at the challenge of moving steel and we found that it lacked our innovative approach.  Instead of relying on man-power and the high cost of booms and lifting equipment, we decided to put steel on a steel platform on wheels.

The Mobile Transport Tray or MTT is a heavy duty steel platform capable of handling up to 26 tons of freight.  Once your steel is loaded on the MTT, thanks to its ingenius wheels the MTT can easily be pushed into a standard shipping container.  Think of the possibilities!  You can now easily put more of your steel freight onto the rails and utilize the efficiency of intermodal to move your freight.

Our standard recommondation is to move the MTT into a container utilizing a standard forklift truck- this combination means that you can load and unload your steel in under a minute.  Some people may ask about adding the rocket feature- we haven't worked out all the bugs on that option yet, but compared to how you are currently moving your steel it will seem like your freight is moving powered by a rocket.

Check out the MTT in action, then contact our team to find out how to unleash this powerful tool in your world.

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