Ready Or Not 2019 Is On It's Way

Ready Or Not 2019 Is On Its Way


Well, That Was Fast...

It seems like we just said hello to 2018 and now here it is 12 months later and we are almost ready to put this year in the books.  When things are fast paced and hectic it is easy to miss some things.  As you get ready for 2019 and all that comes with that, we wanted to thank our friends and valued customers for trusting us to help you with some of the toughest shipping challenges and also take the time to make you aware or remind you of some services and solutions that we offer.

Here is a brief overview of somethings you may not have been aware of:

  • Mobile Transport Tray or MTT-  The MTT serves as a platform that reduces the amount of labor required to load heavy, awkward freight like steel.  Once your load is stacked on the MTT a standard forklift truck can move it into a trailer or container in under a minute.  (Check out the video below)
  • Portable Roller Bed- Our Portable Roller Bed is the perfect solution to move your fragile freight safely, the best part is because it is portable, you get more use out of your trailer fleet not having to have dedicated roller bed trailers.
  • THE EASI-SHIPPER- Solve the Problem of shipping multiple cars in a container with the Easi-Shipper
  • EASI-DECK SYSTEM- Safely ship fragile and non-stackable freight in your container with the Easi-Deck System.
In addition to these innovative solutions, we also offer great options for warehousing needs:
  • Cross-docking- We can produce significant savings on freight and help mitigate warehousing costs.
  • Intermodal Transloading Services- Innovative Transport Solutions provides cross-docking services for domestic and international intermodal movements.
  • Pick & Pack Services- Innovative Transport Solutions has significant experience with complex Pick/Pack operations, breaking down pallets and shipping individual cases to fulfill individual orders.
  • Order Fulfillment-The right order, on time, real-time, every time. That is our goal with every delivery, every customer.
  • Trans-loading- With warehouses that are capable of receiving and shipping via rail, intermodal, and truck modes of transport, our facilities are geographically positioned in major distribution hubs that are ideal for trans-loading activities, to economically support import, export and domestic movements of product.

We also offer Hot-Shot and Expedited Services

Ready or Not 2019 Is Coming- We are ready. Are You?


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