Roller Beds with Low or No Maintenance?

Roller Beds with Low or No Maintenance?


"Enjoy the View Without the Maintenance Headaches"

We are in golfing season, and whether you are a low handicapper or just a weekend duffer, everyone enjoys the beautiful views of a gorgeous golf course.  Having great views without the maintenance headaches is one of the reasons why owning a home on a golf course will set you back a penny or two.  Everyone enjoys the views without the maintenance headaches.

Roller Bed Trailers Without the Maintenance Headaches?

For those that ship cargo or fragile freight, you know that roller bed trailers are a necessity, but they also include a lot of maintenance headaches as well as tying up your capital in limited use trailers.  Now thanks to Innovative Transport Solutions, you can get the Truck Bed Roller System or PBS.  The PBS system will turn any reefer or standard container or trailer into a roller bed in just minutes.  So now shippers can have all the benefits of roller bed trailers, but without the maintenance headaches.

Is Maintenance Free Shipping Right For You?

Check out this video of the PBS roller bed in action.  If you are ready for maintenance free shipping come take a look and enjoy the view and then contact our team at Innovative Transport Solutions to find out how you can enjoy Maintenance Free Shipping.


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