Shipping problems keeping you awake?

Shipping problems keeping you up at night? Maybe its the bed!


The experts say that we need somewhere between 6 and 9 hours of sleep a night to function.  If you listen to the bedding experts, they will tell you the problem really is the bed you are using.  They will tell you that what you need is a bed filled with water, or filled with feathers, or a bed that is filled with air, a bed that has a memory or a bed that knows your number.  

The bedding industry has done such a good job at convincing people of the importance of having a bed that is flexible enough to meet your individual needs, that the industry itself takes in more than $11 billion dollars per year.  And yet with all this customization and technology we still have many people in the shipping industry going through each day surviving on another Cup O' Joe or a 5-hour boost.

Perhaps the experts are right- it is the bed you are using


Innovative Transport Solutions has been helping solve complex shipping challenges for years.  Among our many innovative solutions is our Portable Rollerbed System (PBS).  Ideally suited for shipping fragile or high value freight, the PBS system will transform any refrigerated and dry van trailer into a versatile rollerbed.  
Our Portable Rollerbed System (PBS) Benefits Include:
  • Easily installs in minutes without damage to your trailer
  • The durable steel construction offers a built in path to stand up to a 2.5 ton forklift truck.
  • Your freight will rest securely during transit reducing damage claims

Now you can rest easy with the Portable Rollerbed System from Innovative Transport Solutions

So if concern about high claims costs and damaged freight is keeping you up at night, the sleep experts at Innovative Transport Solutions recommend a new bed, the Portable Rollerbed System.  If you are ready for a good night's sleep, set down your cup of coffee and contact our sales team to discuss how we can help you rest easy.

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