Shipping Steel: Consider Adding This To Your Order


Shipping Steel?  The MTT Should Complete Your Order

For those that purchase things at online sites, you know that whenever you make a purchase, a well-managed site will offer additional complimentary items that you may not have considered, but could help make your purchase even better.

For those that move steel, you may not be aware of the best way to finish your order- The Mobile Transport Tray or MTT is the perfect compliment to any operation that ships steel.  This durable tray holds up to 25 tons of steel and is designed to be pushed into your shipping container using a standard forklift truck.  

Users who have purchased the MTT are amazed at how they are able to load their shipment of steel into a standard container in literally under a minute, and unloading is just as easy.  In addition, because of its unique design, a series of Mobile Transport Trays can be stacked for easy shipping.

Check out our video on the Mobile Transport Tray Below:


If you use forklifts and containers all ready to ship steel, you owe itself to contact the great team of people at Innovative Transport Solutions about adding the MTT to your operation.  Operators are standing by.


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