Shipping Steel: Getting Ready For the Coming Boom

Shipping Steel:  Getting Ready For the Coming Boom


As Steel Shippers approach the end of 2017, we are being told to expect a coming economic boom in 2018.  If the US Congress is able to complete the tax bill, in the next week or so, then the experts tell us that we should expect the economy will really start to move.

For Steel Shippers who are already facing challenges in capacity, this is both exciting and scary as well.  This is why so many Steel Shippers are excited about the Mobile Transport Tray (MTT) from Innovative Transport Solutions.

Once loaded onto its sturdy steel platform, your steel freight (up to 25 tons) can be quickly pushed into a standard shipping container.  Check out the MTT in action in the video below.

2018 may be the year that businesses are unleashed, but smart steel shippers realize that a tool like the MTT can help them achieve their true potential and take advantage of the coming economic boom.

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