Shipping Steel Got You Frustrated?

Shipping Steel Got You Frustrated?


If you have lost sleep over the challenges of shipping steel, it is no wonder you might be frustrated or out of sorts.  There are plenty of headaches when it comes to shipping steel, including labor costs, driver and flatbed shortages and equipment rental, it's enough to make a grown man cry.  

Introducing the Mobile Transport Tray

Thanks to the Mobile Transport Tray or MTT, steel shippers can wipe away their tears.  Introduced by Innovative Transport Solutions, the MTT solves some of the most challenging issues facing steel shippers.  After loading your steel or heavy freight onto the tray (up to 26 tons) a standard forklift truck can push the MTT into a standard container in under a minute.  After putting your freight into a container, you now have the ability to send your freight over the rails and bypass the headaches of shipping over the road via flatbed and paying for a boom on the backend.

Check out the MTT in action in the video below and then contact our team, who will be more than happy to help you bring in the MTT and have you sleeping like a baby.


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