Shipping Steel? How Many Moves Ahead Are You Thinking?

Shipping Steel? How Many Moves Ahead Are You Thinking?


Depending on your source, it is estimated that a chess Grand Master can see or calculate as many as 15 to 20 moves ahead.  By this, we mean that they look at the current situation and are able to calculate both their opponents and their own response up to 15 to 20 moves in the future.  Others have suggested that it is not just about predicting moves, but understanding what game template you are looking at and that an expert has memorized as many as 20,000 different game scenarios.  Either way, they are definitely looking to make moves that are going to set themselves up for the win as efficiently as possible.

Each Chess Piece Has Its Own Unique Abilities of Movement

The Pawn can go a single space forward unless it is capturing an opponents piece.  The Bishop can only move diagonally and the Queen can go anywhere she wants to.  If you are going to win, you have to know the capabilities of your piece to move.  For those that move heavy freight and steel in particular, you need to know what piece can move the most efficiently across your warehouse or dock.  For those that want to be a Grand Master of Shipping, they have mastered the art of using the MTT.

The MTT Your Key Piece to Winning

Introduced by Innovative Transport Solutions, the Mobile Transport Tray or MTT is the most effective tool to move your steel.  Thanks to its mobility and the ability to hold up to 25 tons of freight, the MTT is the ideal solution to get the win.  Once fully loaded, you can move your loaded MTT into a container with a standard forklift truck in under a minute.  As you can imagine, the MTT is just as easy to unload on the back end of things.  If you want to stay five, ten or twenty moves ahead of your competition, you need to add the MTT- the key piece to winning.

Check out the MTT in action.

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