Shipping Steel? It Is About Time

Shipping Steel? It Is About Time


We Just observed Daylight Savings Time in the United States.  Whether you agree with the program or not, we all can agree that saving time is critical for those under pressure to hit deadlines when it comes to shipping steel.  For those that love sports, you not we are about to enter those sporting events that have "a tradition unlike any other" and those "one shining moments" that only come when it is "March Madness".  

At the end of the day, it is all about seizing your moment and taking advantage of the time you have to make a difference and achieve your goals.  While making a good move in shipping steel probably won't cue the "one shining moment" music, you can have lot's of special moments if you are positioned better than your competitor to get the win.

Innovative Transport Solutions can help you save time and grab your moment thanks to its Mobile Transport Tray or MTT.  The MTT saves steel shippers time, by allowing them to stack up to 26 tons of steel or other awkward freight on its heavy-duty platform or tray.  Once loaded onto the tray, the MTT can be pushed into a standard trailer or container in under a minute using a standard forklift truck in under a minute.  With that kind of time savings, you will not only save time, but you will be the hero in your own montage.

To see the MTT in action, contact our team of experts at Innovative Transport Solutions to see how you can add the MTT to your team- hurry, doing it the old way is just a waste of time.

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