Shipping Steel: Making Efficiency A Reality

Shipping Steel: Making Efficiency A Reality


The Importance of Breaking Preceptions

Until May 6, 1954, No one had ever run a mile in under 4 minutes.  Before this day, people questioned whether it was even humanly possible to do so.  Once Great Britain's Roger Bannister finished his mile race in 3:59.4 everyone knew it could be done.  Over the last 55 plus years, the record has been broken several times.  Recently one sports scientist was quoted as saying "One of the biggest obstacles is not physical but mental...when a record is broken, the old record can suddenly be repeatedly beaten."

Virtual Reality is a Stepping Stone To a New Reality

If you have had the opportunity to try out a VR or virtual reality device it is amazing.  You can do and see all kinds of amazing things, but it is not reality it is virtual, it is almost reality.  VR is important because it helps us imagine what is possible.  It is no coincidence that some of the communication devices used in the Sci-Fi shows in the late 60's and 70's became a reality because someone had an innovative idea and helped others imagine what was possible.

Our Vision: The Mobile Transport Tray

Innovative Transport Solutions (ITS) has been solving some of the toughest shipping problems that exist.  Part of the secret to our success is to think about how things could be not just how they are.  We look at the obstacle and figure out a way to break through the barrier.  We turned our innovative thinking towards shipping steel and other heavy awkward freight.  How could we do this more efficiently and with less man-power; the result, The Mobile Transport Tray (MTT).

The MTT helps us by providing a steel platform that is strong enough to hold up to 26 tons of freight once loaded and then using its mobile base and a standard forklift truck the freight can be loaded into a container in under a minute.  This innovative approach saves a ton of time on the front end and also opens up shipping options to move that freight via the rails without having to rent booms and using open shipping options.

The MTT is a break through in perception of what is possible and when you see it in action yourself, it will change your perception of reality as well.  Check out the MTT in action and then contact our team of professionals to find out how you can join the many who have already decided to join a new reality.










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