Shipping Steel? Put a Bow On It

Shipping Steel? Put a Bow On It


Guaranteed Arrival By Christmas?

This time of year anyone who is shipping products knows that all the customer cares about is will their shipment arrive on time.  And by "on time" they really mean "in time" for their big day.  Shippers are extending hours and stretching resources because if you miss the deadline there is a huge value lost.  For steel shippers, it's not likely that most of their shipments will wind up under someone's tree, but we do deal with these hard deadlines throughout the year.

The challenge of tight deadlines, limited resources and limited capacity is a year-round problem and so for shippers that have discovered the Mobile Transport Tray (MTT) they could not be happier.  Utilizing the robust steel tray platform of the MTT, steel shippers can stack their steel on the MTT and then utilizing a standard forklift truck easily load and then later unload their shipment in under a minute.  


The MTT It Is This Year's Must Have Gift


Each year, the experts tell us what is the must have gift of the year.  When steel shippers see how the MTT can help them overcome tight deadlines and break through limited resources and capacity, we are confident they will say "Let's put a bow on it."  Check out the MTT in action and we know you will be sure to add it to your own list of must haves.



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