Shipping Steel: This is Refrigerator Worthy Material

Shipping Steel:  This is Refrigerator Worthy Material


The Refrigerator as the Bulletin Board

If your family is like many others, your refrigerator is not just a place to keep foods at the proper temperature, but it also serves as a collection of magnets that often are used both as reminders and as anchors to hold various documents and art projects that celebrate your kid's performances.  Even though most of us have outgrown the need to put our accomplishments on display on our refrigerators, it still feels good from time to time to hold up success stories for others to see, to show off accomplishments that we are most proud of.

Canadian National Railway Company (CN) Puts Us To the Test

As a respected leader in the transportation industry, when CN takes the lead in innovation, others will sit up and take notice.  CN has been partnering with Innovative Transport Solutions to bring innovative solutions to some of the toughest shipping challenges.  When shippers turn to CN for help, they deliver.  Thanks to their On-Deck loading trays they are able to help their customers move heavy goods like steel.  These trays serve as a robust steel floor that lets you load up to 50,000 lbs in containers in less than one minute!

We call these trays the Mobile Transport Tray (MTT).  When CN was looking for a solution that would help them solve their customers heavy shipping challenges, they turned to Innovative Transport Solutions.  Recently CN posted on their own website video of these trays in action.  It's great to see the CN team embrace innovation and embrace the MTT to allow them to keep delivering world class service to their customers.

What About You?

We'd like to thank CN for giving us refrigerator material and take a moment to say how proud we our that a leader in transportation, like CN has put us to the test.  If you are a business that has shipping challenges and are willing to embrace innovation to give you a competitive edge in shipping, then give our team at Innovative Transport Solutions a call and let us help you create the next success story- there is room on our refrigerator for you.

Here is that article from CN  

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