Shipping Steel: This Slider Will Make Your Mouth Water

Shipping Steel: This Slider Will Make Your Mouth Water

Sports and Sliders Just Go Together

This time of year is great for sports fans.  Right now we are in the midst of basketball madness and hoping your tournament bracket survives.  Every sports fan knows that if you want to enhance your sports watching experience you have got to have the right food.  Some go for pizza, some for wings and some will go for a fully loaded slider like the ones pictured above.  Speaking of a fully loaded slider...

Check Out This Fully Loaded Slider!


Steel Shipping and the Mobile Transport Tray Just Go Together

Created by Innovative Transport Solutions, the Mobile Transport Tray (MTT) goes together with shipping steel, like sports and sliders go together.  In fact, most steel shippers will find that their mouths will start to water when they see a fully loaded MTT holding up to 25 tons of steel or other awkward freight.  Watching the MTT slide into a closed container in under a minute will leave the typical steel shipper as emotional as watching "One Shining Moment".  If you ship steel, you need to check out the MTT.  Give our team a call and let them know you are interested in our slider, the Mobile Transport Tray.



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