Shipping Steel? Take A Load Off

Shipping Steel?  Take A Load Off


For those that ship steel and other heavy awkward freight, the "go to" option has been to ship over the road on a flatbed.  With that option, comes not only added labor costs but the added cost of booms, concerns about driver shortages etc.  The old saying, when you want someone to just relax is that you invite them to "take a load off".  When you ship steel and heavy freight there are plenty of headaches. Thanks to the team at Innovative Transport Solutions and the Mobile Transport Tray (MTT), steel shippers can take a load off.

The MTT allows our customers to load their freight on the heavy duty platform that can handle up to 25 tons of freight.  Once loaded onto the MTT, the entire tray can be pushed into a standard shipping container in under a minute.  Thanks to the MTT your freight is now ready to go intermodal.  Now you can take a load off the road and thanks to the MTT you will have a lot fewer headaches.  Check out the video of the MTT in action and then give our team a call at Innovative Transport Solutions and let them know that you to want to take a load off as well.

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