Shipping Steel: Time To Take The Next Step

Shipping Steel: Time To Take The Next Step


Well 2019 is here and ready or not it is time to take the next step in shipping steel.  Each year decision makers and influencers like yourself have to take a look at the lay of the land and figure out how are we going to do things differently in order to improve our performance over the previous years.  So what will be different this year?  We would like to offer something different.

The Mobile Transport Tray is Definitely Something Different

Introduced by Innovative Transport Solutions, the Mobile Transport Tray or MTT is a game changer.  Starting with its heavy duty steel construction, the MTT has the ability to hold up to 26 tons of freight.  Once your steel or heavy, awkward freight is stacked on the MTT, your manual labor is done.  Using a standard forklift truck, the MTT can be pushed into a container in under a minute.  Now that is a game changer.  This opens up the option to move your steel easily on the rails and on the back end, unloading is just as easy.

Need more proof, check out the MTT in action in the video below and then take the next step towards a more productive and efficient 2019.  Cheers.

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