Shipping Steel: Two Words That Will Change Everything

Shipping Steel: Two Words That Will Change Everything



Steel by nature is not mobile, it is designed to provide stability and be immovable. Whether we are talking about the infrastructure for a bridge, a highrise building or something else, Steel is intended to be able to withstand the movable force.  This attribute makes the moving, handling and shipping of steel one of the toughest challenges that there is.  That brings us to the first critical word- "Mobile".  By adding the Mobile Transport Tray (MTT) into the mix now the immovable becomes Mobile.  The steel constructed MTT is capable of handling up to 25 tons of freight on its mobile bed.  Once the steel has been stacked or loaded onto the MTT, a standard forklift truck can push the MTT into a standard container, loading it in under a minute.  As you would expect from the MTT, unloading is just as easy.  Those that have seen the MTT in action understand the power of mobility.

Check out our Video on the Power of the Mobile Transport Tray:




By comparison to what goes on in Silicon Valley, Steel shipping has not been particularly innovative.  In order to be considered an "Innovation" in the business sense, an idea must be replicable at an economical cost and must satisfy a specific need.  Innovative Transport Solutions has been addressing needs in shipping and taking on some of the most difficult challenges that there are, all with the purpose of solving problems and reducing associated expenses.  Our tagline is "Innovative Solutions and Bottomline Results".  If you are interested in adding mobility and innovation to your shipping operation, contact our team at Innovative Transport Solutions.




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