Shipping Steel- Winning Down the Stretch

Shipping Steel- Winning Down the Stretch


We have hit November and if you are shipping steel, this is when the final push towards the end of the year will make the difference.  There is nothing more exciting than hearing the race announcer shout- "And down the stretch, they come!"   Winners sense that this is their moment- they lean towards the finish line- trying to separate themselves from the pack.

When it comes to shipping steel, separating yourself from the pack of competitors is critical.  You are fighting towards the finish and so are they.  You need a difference maker- you need the Mobile Transport Tray.  

The Mobile Transport Tray or MTT was introduced by Innovative Transport Solutions.  The MTT allows steel shippers to stack their steel on the MTT (up to 26 tons).  Then using a standard forklift truck your freight can be slid into a container in under a minute.  On the backend, unloading is just as fast.  Smart shippers understand that this labor and time savings are exactly what you need to separate yourself from the pack.

If you are looking to win down the stretch- put your trust in the MTT- it will help you win by more than a nose.


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