Shipping Steel? Work Smart!

Shipping Steel? Work Smart!


You Have Tried Hard Work- It Is Time To Try Smart Work

For steel shippers around the country, you know about working hard.  Every day you and your team put in the blood, sweat, and tears trying to meet shipping deadlines and control costs at the same time.  Those that are going to be successful, have learned that hard work and effort are not enough- you have got to work smart.

Introducing the Mobile Transport Tray- Now That Is Smart

The Mobile Transport Tray (MTT) is helping to solve some of the shipping industries toughest shipping challenges.  Rather than rely solely on hard work, the MTT reduces the amount of handling required for steel shippers.  Instead, your steel shipment is loaded on the durable MTT platform.  Once loaded, the MTT can be moved into a container or trailer using a standard forklift.  In fact, loading and unloading of your steel can be done in under a minute.  Now, how smart is that?  

The MTT The Answer to Shipping Steel Smart!  Check out our video below

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