Shipping Steel: You Need These Two All Stars On Your Team

Shipping Steel:  You Need These Two All-Stars On Your Team


There are millions of people caught up in the NCAA Tournament, hoping that their brackets can stay intact.  Whether it's a surprising Cinderella team or a perennial favorite, the true championship teams typically have more than just one outstanding star, in fact, the best teams will have at least two guys that can be counted on when things come down to the wire.  At the pro level, you remember the all-star duos of Jordan and Pippen, or Stockton and Malone or Shaq and Kobe?  Every outstanding team has at least two pillars that hold the whole team up, surrounded by a supporting cast.  These are the kinds of players that can carry the heavy load when everything is on the line.

Big Transition To Steel...

Speaking of carrying heavy loads, that brings us to shipping steel.  If your shipping team is going to be successful, we recommend adding these two all-stars to help carry your team to the championship.


Mobile Transport Tray 

The Mobile Transport Tray or MTT can put the whole team on its back, or up to 25 tons of it.  This heavy duty tray serves as a mobile floor that once your steel or heavy freight is loaded on it, can be easily pushed into a standard container.  Once loaded in a standard closed container, your team now has the option of shipping more freight on the rail and avoiding the cost of flatbeds.

Portable Roller Bed

The Portable Roller Bed is not just a specialized player.  Thanks to the PRB, you can turn any standard trailer or reefer into a roller bed.  Not only does this allow you to expand your trailer fleet, it gives you the flexibility to safely ship fragile items.  

Think about it, with the MTT and the PRB you can carry the heavy load and safely deliver a win every time.

If Your Bracket Is Broke, This Will Cheer You Up

If your team did not make it to the Elite 8 or the Final 4 and you can't bring yourself to watch until "One Shining Moment", then check out this video and build your own championship steel shipping team.


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