Thankful To Get Your Heavy Load To Its Destination

Heavy Thanksgiving Load

Thankful To Get Your Heavy Load To Its Destination


It is hard to believe that we are already approaching that time of year where we stop for Thanksgiving.  For those in the business of shipping steel and other heavy freight, it is easy to get caught by surprise by Thanksgiving.  It is important not to see this time as an interruption of your work, but as a time to reflect and express gratitude for what you have been given.

The team members of Innovative Transport Solutions want to express to all of our customers, vendor partners and future customers our thanks and appreciation for the part that you have played in helping us continue to grow and thrive.  

Let's all buckle up for a big piece of turkey and pumpkin pie and then we will get back to moving some of the heaviest loads around.  Thanksgiving would not be the same though if we did not take a little time for football and some movies.  

While you are waiting for the turkey to be done, you can check out one of our favorite home movies below.



Happy Thanksgiving from your Innovative Transport Solutions Team!

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