We Are Not Just Yakking About Moving Steel

We Are Not Just Yakking About Moving Steel


In the mountains of Nepal, stands the majestic Himalayan Mountain.  The local guides know that the best way to transport a heavy load up a steep mountain is not to use human power, but instead to use Yak Power-  A Bull Yak can weigh up to 2,200 lbs and can reach a height at the shoulder of over 7 feet.  They are designed to move heavy loads in difficult situations- they are built perfectly suited for their environment.

The Mobile Transport Tray is What Everyone is Yakking About

For those needing to move heavy loads outside of Nepal and the Himalayan Mountain Chain, the Mobile Transport Tray or MTT is built to handle heavy loads as well.  As the video below shows, the MTT can handle steel shipments up to 26 tons.  Once loaded onto the MTT, a standard forklift truck can easily guide the MTT into a standard container in under a minute and unloading is just as easy.

Once you see the MTT in action, you will see what everyone is yakking about.  Check out the video here.




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